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Powerful Truck sells trucks throughout Russia and surrounding countries. Engineers at factories are constantly improving equipment and introducing new advanced technologies.

Our goal is to enter a larger world market. Therefore, we decided to attract investors who will help us accelerate the expansion process and implement development plans as soon as possible.

The company has been competing with global brands on the market for 9 years. We have 17 reliable partners and more than 15,000 reliable trucks under our belt.

9 years
on the market
partner companies
15 000
trucks around the world
Our goal-
The primary goal is to increase the rate of production growth and & nbsp; improvement of technologies, achieve the highest safety and & nbsp; reliability. We are rapidly moving in the & nbsp; direction of sales of new and & nbsp; high-tech trucks around the world.
We & nbsp; decided to sell part of the shares and & nbsp; receive a volume of investment flow to accelerate the implementation of ambitious plans.
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Our documentation

Powerful Truck is headquartered in England, like its largest factory. Officially registered in England. The documentation can be found in detail on the official website, where the rights, obligations and guarantees of the parties are detailed.